GO-Link... charitable organization fund raising

an outreach of Mercy River Ministries

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GO-Link is an outreach of Mercy River Ministries, the evangelistic ministry of John & Molly Henderson.  The "GO" stands for Givers Opportunities.  This website was created to be a link between givers and various ministries, organizations, and causes.  There are so many out there, and unfortunately, a lot of them are fraudulent.  The ones listed on this website are ones that God has impressed upon MRM to help.  This outreach was born out of our desire, yet inability, to help each one of them.  We know that there are many out there who are willing and able to join with us, and give to God's work, legitimate charity causes, or to those who are facing hardship.  We are all called by God to help each other in time of need, and to give freely, as the Lord has blessed us.  The Lord loves a cheerful giver, his word says. It also says that obedience is better than sacrifice. It's our obedience God desires, not our money.  After all, everything belongs to him anyway.  Don't let the small amount that you may have persuade you to not give at all-  remember the story of the widow's mite (Mark 12:41-44). 
Little is MUCH when God is in it!  Together, we can do great things. 

"His hands reach out
to help the fallen-
listen closely,
his voice is calling
for us to touch,
to bless, to give
so that those in 
desperate need can have
food and shelter,
health and life,
in a darkened world
we are his light"
Mercy River Ministries